Bruna Dessena is an Advanced Life Support (A.L.S.) paramedic who currently does shift work abroad managing remote-site clinics and surgeries. While her work has taken her all over the world and exposed her to many interesting assignments and opportunities, the bulk of her career has seen her working in and around Johannesburg, known for it's high crime and busy hospital casualties. She is particularly nostalgic about early Hillbrow, where she lived at one stage, and where she attended to countless emergency calls. She shares many of these memories and interesting calls in the book.

Bruna is a lecturer and instructor in various aspects of emergency medicine and continues to lecture and instruct during her days off at home in Cape Town, where she resides. She also keeps up her 'on-the-road' emergency skills by volunteering her services to a community-based and sponsored medical emergency service in Hout Bay, and by doing stand-in shifts for various emergency services companies in and around Cape Town and Johannesburg.

In her off-time Bruna has worked as an anti child abuse activist, volunteering as a counsellor for both Childline and the Teddy Bear Clinic. At the latter she was also a trainer and Senior Facilitator preparing children and parents for court. She presents lectures on child abuse to pre-hospital professionals such as paramedics, as well as med-school, nursing and social work students at various universities, colleges and hospitals in the Western Cape and Johannesburg.

With two children of her own, Bruna knows only too well that every parent's nightmare is that their children might one day be abused. In 2010 she released her first book, Every Parent's Nightmare, which is a simple and practical guide for adults and parents dealing with child abuse. In addition to helping adults know what to do when child abuse is suspected or has been disclosed, the book also aims to build awareness around abuse and paedophiles so that parents can become more aware about when their children are most at risk. Her second book, Tales from my Stethoscope, was released later that year.

Bruna is also a registered Oral Hygienist and has a diploma in Child Psychology. She is the creator of the Emergency Dental Kit - a kit designed to take care of common dental emergencies when you can't get to a professional for help.

Advanced Life Support (A.L.S.) Paramedic 

Diploma Oral Hygiene (Wits)

Diploma Child Psychology

Senior Facilitator for kids court preparation

Anti child abuse activist

Instructor of Emergency Medicine

Lecturer in Child Abuse

Creator of the Emergency Dental Kit

Member of the HPCSA and Resus Council of South Africa


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A dental emergency can happen at any time and usually when you least expect it. With Emergency Dental Kit you can take care of your dental emergency straight away no matter where you are. 

Whether it's relieving toothache or a throbbing nerve, or creating a temporary filling until you can get to a dentist, this is a traveling companion you shouldn't be without.

Also highly recommended for all first aid boxes at home and in the work place.

Included in the kit:

1 x dental gloves
1 x dental mirror / spatula
1 x tweezers
3 x cottonwool rolls
1 x jar of mild anaesthetic
1 x tube or jar of temporary dental filling
1 x sachet dental wax
Easy step-by-step instructions



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